Europe Supernova player, male, 40 ye, Italian.

I started this adventure in the 2014 cause I miss the real FFXI game. I have no favourite job, I like to play several jobs and have fun with HNM, Sky adventures, Sea, and other endgame stuff.

On retail I have all jobs to lvl 99 but BRD and DRK. I started playing on Carbuncle server, where I had a lvl 75 RNG with relic. Then move to ragnarok where there was a big italian comunity that allowed me to play in "normal" time.

Main Jobs

Black Mage: 75

Ranger: 75

Red Mage: 75

Sub Jobs

Dancer: 37

Ninja: 37

Scholar: 51

White Mage: 43

Warrior: 37