Walle's grandfather was an Elvaan PLD in Ragnarok NA, he aspired to be an adventurer since childhood. But adventuring was forbidden in his early days. He left his NA home as soon as adventuring opportunities became available in Ragnarok JP. But he didn't have valid identity so he was constantly hiding from the authorities of the evil empire, SquareEnix. Eventually, the authorities caught up to him and locked him away leaving behind an orphan Mithran daughter in his homeland NA. The Mithra was luckier than her father as the ban on adventuring was lifted in her childhood, she didn't have to leave home to pursue her adventuring dreams. She grew up to be an active adventurer and reached DRK75 and RDM75. However, misfortune struck her, she was diagnosed with "I need to study for grad school" terminal stage before she finished her THF leaving it at 69. She ultimately fell unconcious and was sent to the infirmary in the empire capital to receive magical care, but it's unknown whether she will ever wake again. She left behind a young daughter, Walle. A kind wizard looked after Walle and took her to a new world - Supernova. Now she's grown up and ready to continue where her grandfather and mother left off.

About 2 months ago, she finished finished tracking down the Zilart prince and defeated the ark angels. Now she's actively involved with the mysteries of a white-haired boy with an amulet and the remnant of Kuluus.

Bastok 6-1

ZM 16

COP 2-5

RNG75 | SCH75 | PLD74 | SAM73 | THF42 | RDM41

WAR37 | NIN37 | MNK18