Vetrebond - GM Since 10/22/2015

Windurstian Hume

"I was reading up on the new commands, and then out of nowhere I was stuck in a Galka." -Vetrebond 2015
Img 20151024 194956
DSP Contributions Maat Job Levels Relic Crafting Level Missions


Total: 8 O BRD: 75 Gjallarhorn Alchemy 100 Windy: R8 Windurst: O
SQL: 5 X SMN: 75 Woodworking: 58 ZM: 13 Bastok: O
C++: 2 X RNG: 75 (Stage 2) Clothcrafting: 40 CoP: 4-1 Sandy: O
Lua: 1 THF: 54 (Stage 3) Smithing: 20 ToAU: 3 Jeuno: O
WHM: 37 Beaucedine: O
NIN: 37 Xarcabard: O
SCH: 28 Burburimu: X
BLM: 25 Valkurm: X
WAR: 18 Qufim: O
Tavnazia: X

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