• Duriel

    Status Update: 04/16/16

    April 16, 2016 by Duriel

    A savage amount of lickings today, some receipiants were reluctant to enjoy themselves when occuring. Some received it in the manner i wish not to have happen. Farts in the face. Don't know why people have this bizarre fetish. It doesn't excite me in the fondest of ways. However the mithra seem to like it more than most. Must do further research into this to see why this is the case. 

    Snuggles seems to be well versed in my work, i believe she may a admirer of sorts. Must be careful with this one. She did award me with Jades so all is forgiven.

    Yufiey seems to role play when my licks cross it's path. Some others seem to lash out in violence.... Jokes on them... thats my fetish >:3

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  • Duriel

    Status Update: 04/15/16

    April 15, 2016 by Duriel

    Many lickings today, feel not enough was done. Have to step up my game...... Galkas are on to me, too salty.... 

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