If you're getting POL-1161 or POL-1160 errors during the game update, try setting the POL viewer to run in Windows XP Service Pack 2 compatibility mode and as an administrator. That's helped one of our recruits get working.

If your game simply won’t spawn, you probably need to check files within POL. If there are files to update, update them and retry. If it doesn't spawn for another reason, then make sure you've got the MSVC runtimes installed: [link] Get the 32 bit version. If you are running into problems here, check the picture guide.

You can generally rule out graphics cards as the problem, because FFXI can almost run on a Commodore 64 almost. Or a pocket watch. Or a  TI-83 graphing calculator. If you still can't get in, double triple check everything. RE-READ everything. Copy the files again. Some people have found success from starting over from scratch. Every time someone has had problems, they skipped something accidentally.  Don't worry if you did, it's not like this is a cake walk. Try cross referencing your problems if you can’t figure them out, from this [link].  Feel free to ask someone, but again, it’s almost always been something covered here before.

Character Position problems:

There is a fix for characters who have had their position lost due to disconnects or for other unknown reasons.This applies to characters that meet the following conditions:

1) Your character has logged in and has been playing before

2) The server is actually up

3) Your character's zone on the character selection screen reads "unknown"

If you meet those three criteria, post a message to the facebook group so a GM can see it and reset your character's position. This isn't a 100% fix, but it does fix many of these issues.