Hey Everyone! Amaurykun here! Creating this because we all ask when Jormy/Faphogg has been killed, so i thought ide ease this process a little. This page is specifically for knowing when the HNM/NM ure hunting has been killed. I'll try to add as many important or worthwhile NM's to the list as time moves on but this will take effort from the community! please always add ure Name/Date/Time Of Death as a source so we can verify that what ure saying is the truth, "People lie that's common knowledge".

Anyways just a better way to track any and all favored NM's you may be hunting for! Gracias for your cooperation! Happy Hunting! See Ya Space Cowboys!


Fafnir [Dragons Aery J-7] - [Banned As Of 3/21/15] Source:Novah Jormungand [Ulegerand Range G-7/G-8] TOD
Nidhogg [Dragons Aery J-7] TOD Vrtra [King Ranperre's Tomb K-9] TOD
Tiamat [Attowha Chasm E-9] TOD King Vinegarroon [Western Altepa Desert G-11] TOD
King Behemoth [Behemoth's Dominion E-7] TOD Behemoth [Behemoth's Dominion E-7] TOD
Adamantoise [Valley Of Sorrows H-8/H-9] TOD Aspidochelone [Valley Of Sorrows H-8/H-9] TOD
Absolute Virtue [Al'Taieu K-12 TOD Cerberus [Mount Zhayolm I-8] TOD
Hydra [Wajoam Woodlands F-10] TOD Khimaria [Caedarva Mire I-7] TOD
Medusa [Arrapago Reef J-5] TOD Pandemonium Warden [Adeewa Subterrane K-7] TOD

'Dark Ixion [ALL Past (S) Zo'nes TOD

Serket [Garliage Citadel I-8] TOD
Sandworm [ALL Past (S) Zones TOD Zirnitra [Xarcabard (S) H-7) TOD


Leaping Lizzy [South Gustaberg F-8] TOD Valkurm Empereor [Valkurm Dunes D-8/D-9] TOD
Charbydis [Sea Serpent Grotto H-11] TOD Argus [Maze Of Shakrami K-8/J-9] TOD