Tigercub is a 35 year old male originally from Gander Newfoundland Canada. At the moment he is currently living in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He is a regular force member of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Tigercub has a degree in Technical Theatre Production from Ryerson University. His list of occupations before joining the military is long and varied and includes carpentry, painting, prop building, maintenance, plumbing, commercial coffee machine repair, welding and even a little bit of acting. Some of his acting gems can be found on youtube.: - as Prince Solitaire.

Tigercub played FFXI from 2004-2010 on Ramuh/Bahamut. The name "Tigercub" is from a character in the Night Watch book series. His favorite job was RDM but also dabbled in WHM and DRG.

Tigercub was recently made a father and has a little baby girl so he's quite often AFK while playing as he has fatherly duties to attend to, although he does his best to help out in the game when he can.