Listed here are facts about playing on the Supernova FFXI server that may take you by surprise, if you're used to playing on retail. Most of these were not listed in the Server Information you received when using the Supernova Installation pack.

  • Changing nations resets ALL missions, some of which you will not be able to redo, such as the ones for sky access. Use caution.
  • Sheeplove is a currency made for the Supernova server, and is used to buy certain items that may be unavailable elsewhere. Please check the Sheeplove Page for more information.
  • Testimony items used for fighting Maat may only be used once on the Supernova server. If you lose, you have to get a new one after dropping the old one.
  • Try not to check Sales Status on the Auction House. Apart from it being pointless due to the custom AH, it causes huge lag spikes for the entire server.
  • You can level all crafts to 100 on Supernova.
  • Do not attempt to go past Aht Urhgan Mission 2. This will cause issues with your character.
  • A glitch sometimes allows you to cast spells on dead players. Please avoid it, as it crashes the server when you do.
  • Ninja Tools and certain ammunition are not available from the auction house. They must be crafted, either by you or another player. A system exists in the Chocobo Circuit to facilitate this.
  • Server resets or "R0"s happen on Supernova occasionally, to everyone at once (more often after a buggy update). Logging back on quickly is easy. As soon as you see the percentage at the top right of your screen drop below 90%, close the window and re-open Windower/Supernova. You'll be logged back in immediately as long as there are no other imminent issues (you'll receive an error if there is).
  • Notorious monsters (and other things, such as Allied Notes) from Wings of the Goddess (S) zones are currently unavailable. Unlocking DNC and SCH has been known to have issues for some players, but it is generally possible. Try first before reporting a problem.
  • The Auction House is stocked (though certain high-demand items do run out in between restocks), and all items cost 2 gil.
  • You do not lose experience points when you die, at any level except level 75.
  • No need to have warp scrolls or the warp spell! Just type @warp to warp home. There are many other Server Commands available. Click the link and scroll down to "Player Commands".
  • All Outpost Warps are already unlocked for all players. They can be used at level 10 by the regular NPC in each city.
  • Greater Colibri drop Soul Plates.
  • Most HNM's drop pools and behavior are customized. See the HNM Customizations page for more information.
  • Oupire drops Imperial Wand, with a customized HMP +12.
  • Gurfurlur the Menacing has a 10% drop chance on each of the Perdu weapons.
  • You can have 112 Combat Skill upgrades, 80 Magic Skill upgrades, 8 upgrades in both HP and MP at the same time, and 5 upgrades in all 7 attributes.
  • ToAU and WotG jobs can equip the appropriate Relic weapon. However, you need to use /equipset or Gearswap to actually do so.
  • The NPC Fina in the Chocobo Circuit will trade you the Hachirin-no-Obi for all eight separate elemental obis. It is custom coded to ignore weather penalties, making it superior.
  • Tiamat drops SCNM helms.
  • The NPC Channon in the Chocobo Circuit has a quest unique to Supernova that will enhance your job performance.
  • Some Relic weapons have been adjusted so they're not completely useless
    • Mjollnir has +15% Cure potency, and +10% Cure casting time reduction
    • Claustrum has all attributes +7, all elemental resistances +25, Elemental/Divine/Enhancing/Enfeebling/Dark/Summoning magic skills+10, elemental magic damage +15%, elemental magic accuracy +30, Avatar perpetuation -3, hMP+18, magic critical hit rate +15%, Iridescence effect (if weather exists, a second additional single weather bonus can occur), and pet attack +10%.
  • Some Relic WSs have been adjusted for balancing purposes:
    • Blade: Metsu (Katana) - enmity+20 "aftermath" of 20/40/60s, acc +10% on WS, ignores 50% mob defense on WS.
    • Scourge (Great Sword) - WS mods from 30% MND/CHR to 20% STR 40%/INT, attack +66% on WS.
    • Geirskogul (Polearm) - WS mods from 60% AGI to 30% STR/30% DEX, ignores 50% mob defense on WS.
    • Final Heaven (H2H) - 60% STR instead of 60% VIT, 100% crit rate, attack +33% on WS.
    • Onslaught (Axe) - WS mods from 60% DEX to 40% STR/20% DEX, aftermath is +20% attack from +10%, lasts for 45s/90s/135s, and extends to pet.
    • Gate of Tartarus - WS mods from 60% CHR to 60% INT, aftermath lasts for 180s/360s/540s.

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