Due to certain crafting/synergy synths not being available on our server, but the fact that we still want the items yielded from those synths available. We have made the following synths available on our server.


Fylgja Torque: Fire Crystal, Copper Ingot, Gold Ingot x2, Ethereal Squama, Goldmithing(49).

Lemegeton Medallion: Earth Crystal, Silver Chain x2, Jadeite, Befouled Silver. Goldsmithing (92)

Ire Torque: Fire Crystal, Muculent Ingot, Torque, Goldsmithing(92).

Incubus Earring: Earth Crystal, Kidney Stone, Platinum Earring, Goldsmithing (90).


Pythia Sash: Earth Crystal, Red Grass Thread, Mohbwa Cloth, Scarlet Kadife, Clothcrafting(91).


Toxon Belt: Wind Crystal, Silver Ingot, Igneous Barnacle, Lizard Belt, Leatherworking(65)/Goldsmithing(35)/Bonecrafting(10).


Chatoyant Staff: 1xEach HQ Elemental Staff, Light Crystal. Woodworking(75)

Ninja Tools:

As you may have noticed, Ninja Tools can not be obtained via the Auction House. On this server all ninja tools must be crafted by players.

All required crafting items required for synthesis can be obtained via the choco circuit, in our ninja tool crafting chest.

The following is a Ninja Tool Crafting Guide:

Ninja Tool Crafting Guide

Universal Ninja Tools:

Inoshishinofuda(Elemental Ninja Tool)

Shikanofuda(Enhancement Ninja Tool)

Chonofuda(Enfeeble Ninja Tool)

The universal ninja tools listed above can be crafted following the guide listed below:

Universal Ninja Toolbag Crafting Guide


A few recipes for ammunition have been added/altered for use on Supernova.

Kabura Arrow
Woodworking 40, Bonecraft 30
Earth Crystal

  • 1x Bamboo Stick
  • 1x Karimata Arrowheads
  • 1x Giant Bird Fletchings
  • 1x Buffalo Horn

Corsair Bullet
Alchemy 40, Goldsmithing 30
Fire Crystal

  • 1x Aluminum Ingot
  • 1x Firesand
Koga Shuriken

Smithing 95, Goldsmithing 95
Wind Crystal

  • Paktong Ingot
  • Molybdenum Ingot
  • Orichalcum Sheet
  • Manticore Hair