Beginner's Guide to Supernova FFXI

For the absolute beginner to FFXI itself, you please check out the FFXI wiki.

Say Hello to Supernova! First things first, you probably need to know how to access the game and begin the initial setup.

Once you are set up and connected, let the fun begin!

You are initially in one of three nations, Bastok, San d'Oria, or Windurst. They all progress initially as vanilla FFXI. There are changes as far as experience progression and transport, but the basics are all there.

Getting around the world of Vana'diel:

@Expcamp: Getting from location to location is important. Expcamps are your best friend for many fast relocations. NOTE: You can use the command "@expcamp nn" (nn= camp level between 10 and ?, as specified under expcamps) any time, but if you use it more than once an hour you get weakened and have to wait 5 minutes afterward.

Outpost Warping: Other fast transport is using outpost warps. Since you have a significant amount of gil initially, you can use that to warp to various outposts. In Bastok Mines talk to Conrad at K-8. In Windurst, talk to Rottata (L-4) in Port Windurst. In San d'Oria, talk to Jeanvirgaud (L-10) in Norther San d'Oria.

Home Points: You can "check in" at many home points and save them. I recommend every major city you check in at any home points available. After you check in you can check in to other previously checked in home points.

Chocobo Circuit: You can /say "@choco" at any point to teleport to the Chocobo Chircuit. From there you can purchase many an item or access other cities by trading a single (immediately returned, no loss) item to the respective nation at one of their locations.

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