Q: How do I obtain of the game?

A1.) If you used to have, but can not find your physical disks, you can download ffxi from

A2.) You can purchase the full collection from Steam fairly inexpensively.

Q: How do I connect to the server after I have FFXI installed?

A: Follow the setup guide on this wiki STEP by STEP. If you skip any, you WILL have issues connecting

Q: What is the level cap, and will it increase?

A: The current level cap is 75 and there are no plans to increase it.

Q: How many players are usually online?

A: The server is constantly growning. We have hundreds of active players and normally we have 60-100+ online d' epending on the time of day/night.

Q: If there is WoTG content, why does my client not show WoTG as an installed expansion?

A: Displayed expansions are handled server-side. If you have that expansion installed, you will be able to access that content, even though your client doesn't display it. 

Q: What is the rate of experience points gained?

A: Overall exp is increased to 2x that of retail base rates. Specific monster families are increased for short durations, commonly referred to as the MOTM (Mob of the Moment.)

Q: How do I find out what the MOTM is?

A: Check the tarutaru NPC in the Chocobo Circut, next to the lottery NPC.

Q: Can I play multiple characters at the same time?

A: Yes, but there are specific rules to follow when doing so. These rules are located at

Q: The questlines to obtain artifact armor (AF) for PLD DNC COR BLU BRD, and SCH aren't coded. How can I get this gear?

A: These armor sets are purchased using sheeplove from specific NPC's in the chocobo circut.

Q: What is "Sheep Love?"

A: Sheeplove is a special form of currency unique to Supernova and is used to gain access to a plethora of useful items and gear via different NPCs in the Chocobo circuit. It is obtained by hunting, killing, and obtaining sheep or ram related items and body parts. Simply trade them one at a  time to, our Lord and Saviour, Hypnosheep in the Chocobo Circuit.

Q: Do players on this server have access to any special commands?

A: Yes, there are many commands to help players get around or generally assist in adventuring. A full list is located at:

Q: Do we get access to companion NPCs or Trust magic?

A: No, companion NPCs are not currently coded and Trust was implemented in a much later time than the era our server is designed for.

Q: Why is my client crashing when I change zones?

A: The most common reason for this is the usage of a unsupported launcher. Our server currently support windower4. See link:

Q: Why am I getting POL error #### when trying to log in for the first time?

A: This seems to be a common error when new players skip the step in copying over the pol folder in the setup guide we suggest using following every. single. step. in the guide. See link:

Q: Why can't I get through the door in Castle Oztroja by myself?

A: Generally you need two players to hit the 4 switches in time for the door to open and someone to make it through. Ask in linkshell for assistance.

Q: When/how is the AH stocked?

A: The AH is stocked via a script that Novah has to manually run. It is stocked as often as he wants to.

Q: Can I build more than 1 relic weapon at a time?

A: You can, but you'll be unable to progress to rank 4/5 if you do so. Only build 1 at a time.