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Going over battle plans on retail

Scryer is heavily into the relaxing, exploring aspect of Final Fantasy XI. He begun his life on the game in 2004 until 2014. He lived in Midgardsormr where he met a lot of friendly people, until the awful day the merge happened. Sadly, Scryer's home would be destroyed and Quetzacotl would be his new home. During his time on FFXI, he ran a successful social linkshell called Moogles. We recruited anyone and everyone and brought new players up to speed and got them to high enough levels to partake in events. We believed in helping as much as possible... like most Moogles.

Scryer's hobbies include decorating his moghouse, fishing, crafting and duoing.

A big fan of jobs with pets.

In real life, Scryer is a two-time cancer survivor and married as of 01/01/15.


Scryer - Hume Male (San d'Oria)

Aoden - Taru Male (San d'Oria)

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All about that linkshell teamwork

Retail Jobs

Beastmaster - 95

Black Mage - 95

Red Mage - 90


Samurai - 75 (first class to 75)

White Mage - 62

Thief - 68

Ninja - 58

Paladin - 56