Hello, my new character's name is Sheikh, forum name GilaVerde, and decided to play a female Elvaan on this server.

Played FFXI since the NA PC release on the Unicorn server. My main jobs were both bard and red mage, but focused heavily on bard, leading me to obtain the Gjallarhorn relic, Unfortunately, the grind became too much and I quit to focus on work and social life.

On Supernova, I've taken a liking to samurai and dragoon. Finding that dd is much more fun and easier to play. I don't plan to focus heavy on FFXI, like I did in the past. Going to take each day easy and make it as stress free as possible.

I do have a youtube channel, search for GilaVerde. I plan to document my adventures, and my other game playthroughs. I'm not consistant due to real life taking priority.