How to set up Windower4 to use in Supernova server.

Thing you will need:

Temporary Disclaimer:

Windower4 is now officially supported by Supernova. The details of the support are still being fleshed out by the admin team. Do not use any addons that give you an unfair advantage. Specific addons on this list will be explained later. Using hacks of that nature will result in Jail time/Bans. Also, don't use light luggage. It'll lag the server.

Let's get Started!

Step 1:

Download and install Windower4, makes sure to follow the on screen guide.


After the installation is done, proceed to step 2.

Step 2:

Download and unzip the file on the "Things you need" list. You should have 1 file.


Copy the file into the PlayOnline folder.


Step 3:

Open Windower4 launcher, update if needed then proceed to create a new profile. Choose desired addons and plugins and save the new profile.


Step 4:

Add a shortcut of the desired profile in to the desktop. Select the profile name then click on the pin to desktop icon.


Step 5:

Left click on the newly created profile shortcut and select properties, then add the following command to the "target line":


"Your_Windower4.exe_install_location_here" --p="profile_name_here" --executable=xiloader.exe --args="--server --user username_here --pass password_here"

Replace "profile_name_here" with your Windower4 profile name, and "username_here" and "password_here" with your username and password. If it is your first time logging in, put what you want your username and password to be, and you will get the option to register a new account when you launch the game.


When first registering, enter option "2", and when prompted put in your username, password, and confirm the password. Then enter option 1 to log in with those credentials.

Finally launch the game and enjoy the adventure in the Supernova private FFXI server. Thanks to Evaan for the updated process on the Windower4 setup.