• Level Cap is 75 with no intent of ever raising it. We like it old school.
  • You cannot import your retail character. You will have to start from scratch.
  • Exp rate has been enhanced to 200% (2x) the normal rate.
  • Reputation/Fame rate has been enhanced to 400% (4x) the normal rate.
  • Movement speed has been enhanced to 150% (1.5x) the normal rate.
  • Crafting Skillup rate has been enhanced to 400% (4x) the normal rate.
  • The auction house is stocked and everything is sold for 2gil.
  • Starting gil is 1 Million. I have no intention of making anyone farm.
  • We support expansions up to Wings of the Goddess with new content being added and fixed constantly thanks to the Darkstarproject.
  • Additional Supernova specific server quests, vendors, events, and monsters have been added as well. Suggestions to community leaders about ideas for new quests or events are encouraged and considered. Please feel free to contribute ideas!
  • Puppetmaster, Geomancer, and Rune Fencer are not implemented.
  • Chocobo Racing / Raising, Pankration, Nyzul Isle, Salvage, Einherjar, Assault, Beseiged, Campaign, Eco Warrior, and Garrison are not implemented yet, but some are being worked on.
  • Dual boxing is permitted, but with rules to follow. It is suggested you use separate macro books per character or you’ll see odd results. Also zoning both characters at the same time can cause disconnects.
  • Novah keeps this server available to you for free 24/7 out of the goodness of his heart, keep that in mind.
  • For things that aren't working (updated constantly), check out Broken Things.

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