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Mee & Baa

Back in the early days of Supernova, the server hangout used to be Selbina. It had an Explorer moogle, a regular homepoint and everything! The two sheep used to sell lots of wares and other useful things; things that are now sold in the chests within the Chocobo Circuit.

Once upon a time, the secret sheep were even configured to have secret shops within them. If you traded a crystal, you'd get a shop menu of generic crafting items and crystals. If you took those items, crafted them into the bread and butter low level synth, you could trade that resulting item to the sheep to reveal a shop catered to that particular synthesis guild. For example, Mee sold a fire cluster and some copper ore. A copper ingot could be traded to Baa to open the Smithing synthesis shop. This no longer is the case, and has been extrapolated to the many npc's in the south room of the Chocobo Circuit.