Supernova's field commander, unwitting go-to tank, and skillchain coordinator; Sarx relishes throwing himself on the front lines above all else and is often the leading edge of the DD group in end-game content. When he's not doing the above, he can usually be found assisting newer players with content or out playing hippie-disc™, running, or cycling. He also enjoys bjj, riding his motorcycle and playing the bass. Sarx works in tech and supports content development on the server. Sarx resides in Atlanta, GA and hails from the Diabolos server where he played endgame Samurai from 2003-2007.

Main Jobs

Monk : 75 (Spharai)

Samurai : 75 (Amanomurakumo, Yoichinoyumi)

Warrior : 75 (Bravura)

Support Jobs

Dancer : 37

Dragoon : 37

Ninja : 37

Dark Knight : 37