Hello I have been playing FFXI since 2005 and quit around 2011. I briefly came back after 75 era but did not enjoy it at all. I was at the Hades Server and later on we got migrated to the Cerberus server. I was a level 75 SMN and all I did was go around trying to Solo NMs. I ended meeting another SMN "Xdeadtrh" that had the same vision as me to prove that SMN was a great job. We ended up doing some crazy duo that seemed impossible but with practice comes success.. I did come back to FFXI beggining of 2015 and got my SMN to 99 but it was no longer the same.

I just want to experience all of FFXI again. You will find me most of the time either helping someone or just running around with my trusted companion Carbuncle.

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