For those that don't remember or are new to FFXI there are some .dat modifications that can enhance your game experience.

I may or may not encourage the use of third party tools, but the maps and, prior to the UI overhaul a few years ago, the UI .dats made the game playable.

Not to insult anyone's intelligence, but here is the step by step how to install the map pack.

  • Once downloaded use your favorite .rar extractor.
  • Extract the .rar to the desktop.


  • Open the folder as well as your X:\program files (x86)\PlayOnline\Final Fantasy XI\    folder.
  • Once both locations are side by side, copy the extracted Rom folders to the /Final Fantasy XI directory. It is important to not drag and drop into another folder. Best bet is to drop it below the other folders. You should get a message like the following:
  • Say yes to the dress! I mean, Say yes to replace all files... If it asks you for administrator click Continue. It should be replacing something like 600 files. Once complete you should be able to see something in game like this:

Hookstar 2014.08.10 121940

Map Pack install correctly