Main server: Leviathan

Years Played: 8

Was an avid RPer back when roleplaying was in its prime on FFXI. Would be willing to do so again while exploring the old realm that I love. Played up through Wings of the Goddess and was forced to abandon the account I played on.

Job Level Rankings Relics Noticeable Equips
PLD 99 San d'Oria R10 Aegis Shield Sipahi Jawshan set (sans head)
SMN 99 Bastok R8 Excalibur Gallant Armor set
WAR 35 Thyrus Koenig set (sans head)
MNK 30 Temple Knight Army Shield
WHM 75 Ceremonial Dress set
BLM 31
RDM 30
THF 30
DRK 32
BST 30
BRD 30
RNG 30
SAM 40
NIN 30
DRG 30
BLU 30
COR 50
PUP 30
DNC 30
SCH 30

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