In order to create your own character /bio page follow this guide.

Start by going to

You will need to login in order to upload a picture.

Find out what your profile address is by clicking your profile icon/picture on the top right corner.


Then copy or write down the address shown on your preferred web browser address bar, you will need this on the next step.


Scroll to the Player list and click edit.



On this step start by writing your name then select it and click on the link button(1), a menu will popup below your character name. Here paste(2) the profile address we copied on previously of your profile, make sure you select External link as this is the correct option to create the link to your profile. Finish this step by clicking Done.


Then click on publish. On the next window click on publish again.



Now that your character name has been created proceed to record all your wonderful experience, achievements and adventures on your profile/bio page!

As an optional step you can add a picture of your character. Before clicking on publish click on insert (1) then on media (2).

Drag and drop the desired picture and click on add media.

Drag and drop


Once everything is set then click on publish twice.



Enjoy your work, you have successfully created you char/bio link on the Supernova FFXI wiki page!!