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How to update FFXI for Supernova Server04:31

How to update FFXI for Supernova Server

In order to update the client, you will have to delete the file called VTABLE.DAT from the FFXI folder.

You may watch the video guide on the right of this page, or you can follow the pictures below.

The VTABLE.DAT file can be found on the FFXI folder see picture for reference:


The file to be deleted will be the Vtable.dat


After deleting the Vtable.dat proceed to open pol and check files for FFXI.

Note: If "pol.exe" is opening xiloader (the black screen where you can log into SuperNova) instead of PlayOnline, then use "pol_org.exe" in the PlayOnlineViewer folder.


Select the files do be checked/updated from the drop down menu.


To start checking the files click on check files, and wait for the process to complete.


Once the file checking is complete it should at least find 1 file with a problem which is the one that we just deleted. Proceed to click on Repair file then on yes. 


After the update is complete click on finish/done exit Pol.

Remember to replace the 69.dat file for the Chocobo Circuit NPC names and any other dat modifications made prior to update. These files can be downloaded here.


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