This page will explain if your character needs to be reset and how to do so. Due to how often players ask for a reset, a command was made to allow you to reset your own character (as explained below).

Command syntax: "@resetownplayer Playername"

Command explanation: The location of your character will be moved to Jeuno. That is all this command can/will do. The GM reset command also does the exact same thing.

Please read through the following scenarios which explain when a character reset is necessary and how to reset your character:

1) You log into the game. In the character select screen, your main character is in "unknown" location/area. You should log in to a mule character on your SAME account, and type "@resetownplayer Playername" (without quotes) to reset your main character's location. If this does not succeed in moving your primary character to a proper in-game zone after multiple attempts (the command should place the character in Jeuno), then you can message a GM for additional reset assistance. We will ask you to verify that your character reads unknown location in the character select screen.

2) You log into the game. Your main character is in a proper area. While attempting to enter the game with that character, you are unable to connect and are kicked back to the start screen / client closes. This means any number of things: You have internet connection issues on your own part, or your game files are not currently up to date, or the login server is experiencing issues / lag / is down completely. The @resetownplayer command will not help you, nor will a GM request for a reset.

3) You cannot log into the game at all (unable to get to the main menu). Your game files are out of date or ashita/windower is not configured correctly. This is an entirely different issue altogether. The @resetownplayer command will not help you, nor will a GM request for a reset.