HNM Loot & Behavior - Supernova Specific

I've been informed these pages are mostly useless, due to the information being available elsewhere, but I am unable to delete. Please delete this if you can. If not, keep in mind these pages not being maintained and will be inaccurate from this point forth. -Flux

Most HNM treasure pools and behavior/stats have been altered on Supernova. See below for the information we have gathered so far based on actual kills and drops. UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Keep in mind that these pages were created on 12/23/14 and can only contain drop information (only including important drops, not dragon meat or anything like that) from then or after, so they may take a while to build up to having valuable information. Drop information and mob behavior will ONLY be inputted by approved members, and only by them, so it doesn't not necessarily represent ALL times an NM was killed on the server period, but we'll try to get close.

If you are interested in supplying data for these pages, please see here: HNM Data Contributing


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