FFXI-boot is an alternate method of launching windower to interact with Supernova.

First: Get ffxi-boot here:

Make sure you have ffxi installed and updated as per the setup wiki. If you already have xiloader installed and windower configured to work with that, you'll need to navigate to your \Windower4\settings.xml and remove the code added in during the setup:

     <args>--server --user your_username --password your_password</args><executable>xiloader.exe</executable>

That code points windower to use xiloader in a certain way, and it will make it so that windower won't work with ffxi-boot. (If you are using a fresh install of Windower, you can skip this step.)

Once Final Fantasy XI and Windower are installed and configured to your liking:

1.) Place the ffxi-boot.exe and ffxi-boot.ini files into \PlayOnline\SquareEnix\Final Fantasy XI\

2.) Copy ffxi-boot.exe and ffxi-boot.ini, and place those files into \PlayOnline\SquareEnix\PlayOnlineViewer\

Only in the \PlayOnlineViewer\ folder, do the next 2 steps. Do NOT do this in the ffxi folder.

3.) Re-name pol.exe to pol_orig.exe   (So that you can still do filechecks and update ffxi using pol_orig.exe)

4.) Re-name ffxi-boot.exe to pol.exe (So that windower will launch ffxi-boot instead of pol)

Now when you launch windower, it will launch ffxi boot and you can login to supernova!

If you'd like ffxi-boot to remember your login info:

1) Edit the ffxi-boot.ini file with Notepad and add the following code under the "Server" section below SERVIP:

USERNAME = yourusername
PASSWORD = yourpassword

If taking a screenshot crashes your client, check here:

Navigate to your \Windower4\scripts\ folder and edit init.txt and find where the keybinding is listed for screenshots. Change the code there to

bind sysrq screenshot jpg hide