Easy Swap

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Source code can be found here

Easy Swap is a tool for quickly creating gearswap file. The gearswap file it creates isn't as elegant as making a gearswap file from scratch, but it is much quicker to produce. This app requires the GearSwap addon installed in Windower.

Change Logs

12/Aug/2015 v1.0 Fixed issues with waist items not equipping. Changed icon to a super nova to match server name. Now considered complete with a version of 1.0

11/Aug/2015 v0.9.5 Fixed some bugs where it would cause errors in the file. Fixed colon issues once again.

10/Aug/2015 v0.9.1

New GUI and core. Now with a database of most equipments and abilities. User sets can now be saved.

03/Aug/2015 v.01.1

Fixed bug that corrupted file when actions included a colon (Tachi: Gekko)