Dynamis on the Supernova Server is from the 2004-2007 era, and as such many of the mob spawns are different to any more recent guides. 

Those wishing to dive into Dynamis are well advised to use Dynamisbum's guides, and there are some special quirks to how dynamis works on Supernova that are subject to change at any time. 

Requirements for Entry

Be level 65 or higher.

Be Rank 6 or higher.

Get the cut scene in Xarcabard.

Get the initial CS when going into each zone for the first time.

In the progression of pre-requisities where you should receive the Prismatic Hourglass, the goblins will not give you a KI. Just talking to them will gain you entrance, so do not fret if you don't receive a KI, or cannot buy one.

To access Beaucedine, you need the wins in San d'Oria, Windurst Bastok & Jeuno.

To access Xarcabard, you need the win in Beaucedine.

To access Dreamlands Dynamis, you must be past CoP 3-5 (The Diablos fight)

to access Tavnasia, you need the wins in Valkrum, Buburimu, & Qufim


For Dynamis, any runs collected by a GM or run with a GM have the currency duplicated for all players with the exception of Dynamis-Jeuno. This means that currency is count is 5 jadeshells, all players get 5 jadeshells.

This currency will be delivered via delivery box sometime after the run has been reported.


For Dynamis runs, each player gets one lot, per human, per item, and courtesy should be respected to let folks get gear for their main jobs first. We get plenty of drops, so there's no reason to fight over getting an item.

For some specialty cases like Attestations and Weapon Fragments we suggest you let a player who can immediately upgrade grab the items. 

E.G. Player 1 has Stage 4 Bow, Player 2 has Stage 2 Bow. In the interest of using the relic weapons, it is courtesy to allow the Stage 4 holder to get the fragment first from Xarc.

We can always do Xarc again and again to get all the items needed. 

Special Gear

Some Dynamis zones contain gear hidden on the bosses/sub-bosses for that zone. Make sure to pay attention and clear them!


Sometimes Avatars will spawn without a master. In this case you will need to kill them directly, and not the controlling master. The same goes for Beastmaster pets.

Time Extensions have been fixed to match retail as of 8/13/14 (Thanks Korietsu)

City Dynamis

The starting four cities unlock access to Outlands, and hold the best zones for farming currency in.

Dynamis - Bastok

This zone has changed little from 2007. [1]

Dynamis - Jeuno

This zone has changed little from 2007 but has some new dangers to the server based on some mob spawns.[2]

The quadbox by the boss spawn if triggered improperly can cause the server to reset and lock players out of the zone. It is advised that players take care pulling the last mobs before the final boss.

TL;DR: Expect all four statues to be pulled, and if you fail, you're gonna have a bad time. Advised to pull with several blm ES+thundaga3 on the statues. -Novah

Dynamis - San d'Oria

This zone has changed little from 2007.[3]

The 2 NM's that are located by the zones to East and West Ronfaure should be bound and nuked. To avoid the Charm ability these NM's use, Melees should never engage these NM's. A thief can deliver the killing blow to tag it with TH4 with out issue.

Dynamis - Windurst

This zone has changed little from 2007 but has some new dangers to the server based on some mob spawns.[4]

Black Mages should take care to clear the first death house next to the first sack pull. If both the house and the sack pull are active, there is a high chance the zone will be unplayable and potentially reset the server.

The same goes for the second death house pull by the final boss sack. 

Using BLM's to one-shot all the statues on the bridge to Heaven's Tower will render the boss un-spawnable and immediately result in the clear being un-obtainable.

When you one-shot a statue, the monsters the statues would have spawned won't be spawned. Those monsters are the ones that are the pre-requisites for the boss being spawned. 


Dynamis - Beaucedine

This zone has changed little from 2007. The Puki's are unable to be depopped and must be killed one by one after the boss is killed.[5]

Spawning the Attestation Hydra NMs is accomplished by killing the Vanguard Eye (479) in the tower furthest northwest in Dynamis-Beaucedine

Dynamis - Xarcabard

This zone has changed little from 2007. On a special note, only the Time extensions from mobs 94 and 526 work, giving a total of two hours. Time is truly limited here, move with haste.[6]

To get the Fragments to drop from Animated Weapons you must first clear all 16 Notorious Monsters in the zone.

Necropsyches drop from Vanguard Dragons near the zone to Castle Zvahl Baileys that are accessible any time.


These zones requires the CoP Diabolos mission completion to enter, just like retail. Sub jobs are not locked upon entry on this server. Accessories drop from different mobs than on retail, as noted in each zone.

The zones are a mixture of old and Neo Dynamis - the time extensions are from statues around the map instead of a single 60 minute one from the mega boss.

Dynamis - Buburimu

Nyzul Armor (Feet) can be obtained here.[7]


  • PUP, BLM, RNG, WAR - Nightmare Bunny, Nightmare Eft, and Nightmare Mandragora.
  • PLD, BRD, DRG, MNK - Nightmare Crab, Nightmare Dhalmel, and Nightmare Scorpion.
  • DRK, BLU, RDM, NIN - Nighmare Crawler, Nightmare Raven, and Nightmare Uragnite.

Dynamis - Qufim

Nyzul Armor (Legs) can be obtained here.[8]


  • PUP, SAM, SCH, SMN, COR - Nightmare Diremite, Nightmare Raptor, and Nightmare Tiger.
  • DRK, RDM, RNG, THF - Nightmare Gaylas, Nightmare Kraken, and Nightmare Roc.
  • BST, DRG, MNK, WHM - Nightmare Snoll, Nightmare Stirge, and Nightmare Weapon.

Dynamis - Valkrum

Nyzul Armor (Hands) can be obtained here.[9]


  • PLD, COR, BLU, DNC - Nightmare Fly, Nightmare Flytrap, and Nightmare Funguar.
  • THF, WHM, BLM, BST, SAM - Nightmare Goobbue, Nightmare Manticore, and Nightmare Treant.
  • BRD, SMN, WAR, NIN - Nightmare Hippogryph, Nightmare Sabotender, and Nightmare Sheep.

Dynamis - Tavnazia

Nyzul Armor (Heads) can be obtained here.[10]