Dual Boxing Rules

There are considerable restrictions placed on multiboxing on our server.  As we are a 2007-era FFXI server, we heavily emphasize teamwork and cooperation among players.  FFXI at its core was designed to be a challenging game that required teamwork and communication.  While this has changed in the retail version of FFXI in recent years (where a 99 can now solo almost any content), our server sticks to the initial philosophy of the game.  We realize that playing a full party of 6 characters can be a fun side project, but this is all we will allow it to be. Please consider the following rules, which apply to players using 2-6 characters at once:

In general, a multiboxer is not allowed to use their extra characters in any manner with other players.  They must be used strictly for solo content.  Additionally, the use of multiple characters can in no way negatively impact the in-game experience of players who are playing with a single character.

Although anyone wishing to play multiple characters at once (multiboxing) may do so under several restrictions. The main theme is that only one character per player can be ever played with others. All secondary characters are for use by yourself and never with other players. Additionally, multibox parties have additional limitations and as such are prohibited from participating in the following: HNMs, Limbus, Dynamis, ZNM, Sky, Sea. These rules are rigidly enforced and are in place to retain server quality both technically and through gameplay aspects.

Additional Rules:

- If multiboxing and using a common exp camp, if a party of single character players shows up and wants to use the camp, you must leave the area and find a new camp.  Parties of single character players will always have preference for exp camps. The same rules apply to a dynamis zone - multiboxers must leave dynamis if a party of single character players wish to enter that area.

- HNM is strictly off limits to multiboxers at all times.  These monsters take days to respawn.  As such, they are reserved for well-orchestrated parties of single character players.

- Sky triggers are considered HNM due to long respawn times and are thus also off limits to multiboxers.

- Multiboxers are able to partake in any content that would not prevent a party of single character players from doing so as well.  One example is ZNM.  Conversely, a multiboxer killing a NM would prevent a single character player from killing that NM for many hours or days, and is not allowed. If a monster will not respawn within 1 hour (including most NMs), a multiboxer may not kill it.

- A multiboxer may play no more than 6 characters at once.

- Any Currency obtained on characters cannot be given to any other character, except in circumstances that would result in a 1 for 1 currency trade. You cannot farm relics for your main on your alts.

If a multiboxer does not adhere to these rules, they will be given 1 warning from the admin or a GM.  Any additional violations of these rules will result in an immediate IP ban of that player and deletion of all associated characters.