Destruere is the Mithra chosen one. Only an infant during the conflict of Tavnazia, her family fled the city before the beastmen marched their destruction to the city gates. It wasnt log after that her parents were attacked and killed by orcs, leaving behind her older sister, Onikiri, and her. They were found by the Dead-eyes a scouting party tracking the orcs that killed their parents. The Dead-eyes originally were going to bring the infants and toddler to a refugee camp but on the way, Captain Osiris took a liking to them while on the journey and raised them himself with the help of his party. Onikiri and Destruere were quick to learn and at a young age of 14 allowed to join the ambush parties successfully helping to cut off supplies to the beastmen until the war was over. Now they turn their eyes to defending what is left of the world after the conflict.

Player behind: My name is Micah, I'm an Italian American. I play League of Legends (Koalaphant / Bing Crosby) and I played retail for over 10 years. Currently unemployed so I have too much time on my hands and Onikiri and Destruere were both my characters on retail but I decided to make Destruere my main on this server.



SUB: 25 SAM / 30 THF