Delgreco 2014.03.05 234658

DelGreco is the classiest dresser on Supernova.

DelGreco was a simple monster hunter, always roaming the wilds looking for elusive NMs.  Until one fateful day when he was blessed by the power of the almighty Hypnosheep and became... The DAGGERHANDS!!!  From that day onward, DelGreco has used his newfound powers for (mostly) good.  And killing lots of NMs. 

When not out hunting for some monster or another, DelGreco can usually be found helping out other players, troubleshooting stuff with Novah, and doing various other GM-ey things.  And only occasionally breaking the server.  (Goddam Onion Staff)

A long time FFXI player, DelGreco played in retail on the Alexander server where he tried his hand at most of the available jobs.  His main was Monk, but also had Drg, Sam, and Rdm at 75.  A consummate NM hunter, he also spent a lot of time doing other various endgame events.  He stopped playing retail before Abyssea was released so never experienced anything past the 75 cap.

Always willing to lend a hand, if you ever need something daggered just ask and (Moogle willing) DelGreco will be happy to help out.

Delgreco 2014.03.31 185359

DelGreco as The DAGGERHANDS!!!