Long time FFXI player. Started in 2004 on Unicorn, switched to Midgard to play with friends then joined Hades when it opened up. Eventually Hades closed and merged into Cerberus which is where I ended my FFXI days. I leveled these jobs to 75 (in this order): Mnk, Bst, Nin, Rdm, Sam, Blm, Thf, Sch, Dnc. Absolutely loved soloing and BST above other jobs. Leveled Nin to 75 as Nin/Bst and 1/2 of Rdm as /bst. Was an avid fisher as well, no botting but some update broke fishing and it constantly crashed the game. Despite posting this on the forums it has not been changed to this date so I dropped fishing. Tried returning this year to ffxi but just couldn't quite get back into it, so I decided to start fresh @ Supernova. Planning on leveling Pld and primarily tanking as it is the one thing I really haven't done much of in FFXI. Looking forward to getting into endgame on PLD! (this was my character for 10+ years)