The list below has some common, install and connections errors that people run across while trying to connect to SuperNova.

Incorrect IP Address Error/Missing IP Address:

13055083 1068198656584810 7574737795965322824 o
  • Common fixes:
  • If you installed using the manual install setup follow the picture below and post in your settings.xml page the <arg lines> as they are with the exception of our new IP address
12998223 10154218678234274 2652842534535379404 o
If you used the Auto-Installer add follow the steps and make sure your info matches below!
Fix pt1

  • FFXI Client not updated Error:
13000333 10153576006768404 266627381506954951 n

  • Xiloader issue
13010705 1556549377975584 7147199397818178063 n
  • Make sure your xiloader is placed in the correct folder, also if you are having trouble. Download the auto installed and just follow the steps.

Login Server down / Incorrect IP:

13000314 605094872988894 4585008922544161005 n
  • Check your IP, and verify it matches the server IP of if it matches read the point below.
  • If your IP is correct and see this don't worry! Its not on you, our login server is temporarily experiencing issues. Just be patient and wait on the Hypnosheep to be gracious. Check the facebook page for updates!

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