Chocobo Circuit

Fluxion 2014.11.26 175831

Server Hotspot

The Chocobo circuit serves as the Supernova server's central hangout spot. The central betting area has been customized and tailored for our use.  Suggestions for improving the zone are accepted.

Zone NPCs

There are many NPCs in the zone that are custom made for many purposes.

Auction House -  The Qiqirn serves as the auction house. There's also a piece of paper on the center desk that brings up the AH too.

Homepoint - Trade any item to set your homepoint to the location your character is standing at when you perform the trade. The item isn't consumed. I like to make characters trade the item so that way people don't accidentally set their homepoint just by clicking it accidentally.

NPC Teleports to cities - NPCs at the end of each tunnel teleport players to the respective city.

Synthesis Shops - Synthesis shops have recently been relocated to above the racetrack.

AF vendor shops - Some jobs don't have their AF quests coded, or some of them are just buggy, so we sell their AF here. Costs sheeplove.

Hypnosheep - Our lord and bleated savior, HYPNOSHEEP. He is a swift and just god. He has been known to doom people in his presence. He is also the official sheeplove coordinator. 

Move this to its own page eventually: Hypnosheep takes sheep items for sheeplove, and steam clocks for astral rings.

Chocobo Circuit racetrack

Several npcs and activities are located at the racetrack.  You can get to the racetrack by the teleport in the chocobo circuit.

  • Fireworks Chest - Sells fireworks
  • Teleport NPC - Various teleports are in this area that teleport players around the world. These permanent teleports are given as a reward for the server successfully completing a server event. Right now, we have a teleport to selbina, and a teleport to the top of the Boyahda tree, near the Dragon's Aery.
  • Summerfest Colored chocobo race - The black chocobo starts the race. You must find the other 3 chocobos before the time runs out. Each chocobo, including the black one, gives a status effect. If any status effect wears off before you get back to the chocobo, then you must try again! The reward for this was associated with the third Easter Egg hunt for summerfest. It currently doesn't give a reward, although the database does record a characters completion of this task. I might do something with this later. It will probably become part of the Mythic Questline that I intend to dream up.
  • Synthesis Shops - The area above the racetrack is the home to NPCs who sell synthesis materials and crystals, as well as an AH. Access this area by clicking on the third candle in the back hallway, down the stairs and to your left. If you think an item can be added to help out, let the admin team know.

Chocobo Circuit zone limitations

Certain things don't work in the chocobo circuit based on the way the game is coded. To be clear, these things work normally in Supernova, but we have been unsuccessful in enabling them within the custom Chocobo Circuit zone.

Things that we have tried that have been unsuccessful:

  • The Homepoint  teleportation system 
  • The Item Delivery system doesn't work
  • Explorer moogles don't work