Played FFXI for at least a decade on Retail servers Remora, which was merged into Leviathan.

Started out playing an Elvaan Svenbrp, until I wanted to play as a mage more.

Created a Tarutaru Bebopin and soon flew past my first character and became my main.

  • Main jobs were: WHM 99 | DNC 99 | BLM | SCH

SuperNova Stats

Check out my User Profile on FFXIclopedia

I am now Chii, a Mithra (or Manthra if you will)

Job Levels
WAR 40 MNK 1
WHM 50 BLM 75
RDM 20 THF 41
BST 1 BRD 10
RNG 44 SAM 52
NIN 66 DRG 1
SMN 1 BLU 17
COR 33 DNC 38
SCH 62 PUP --
Last Updated 3-17-2017

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