Hello all!

My character's name is Centurion and I've been playing FFXI on Titan server (and then Phoenix after the server mergers) since about 2003. I was in PurpleHaze LS when I first started playing and then was in the original Corsairship for many years. For the last several years I led TitanSentinels and continued the LS when we made the jump to FFXIV last fall. FFXI is by far my favorite MMO and while I've played just about every other MMO out there, FFXI is the only one that ever really kept my attention. I got most of my jobs to 99 before I stopped playing a little over a year ago now. I heard of Supernova through a friend who plays on it and I must say it's been a ton of fun playing the game in the state in which I feel it was the best/most fun. I'm looking forward to playing with you all ... see you in-game!

- Cent

Supernova Jobs: RDM: 75 BLM: 56 DNC: 32 NIN: 30 WAR: 10 WHM: 5

All other jobs are currently lvl 1.