Buggie was originally a Tarutaru from the Asura server, and at the time that her player was unable to continue playing the game due to growing up, becoming an adult, getting a job, and moving out of her mom's house, was primarily a lvl72 BLM. Buggie was originally from 2005-2009.

The person who controls Buggie works at UPS loading semi-trucks full of heavy boxes (*flexes*), loves cats and macaroni n cheese very much (as well as pizza and Taco Bell), and plays professionally in a scientific progressive death metal band as a bassist and vocalist. She's also an avid cook, but mostly specializes in baked desserts, and weird junk food concoctions (such as that time I put mac n cheese in my beef burrito. Shit was cash.) She's also a tea and coffee enthusiast.

Buggie's player is also an avid drinker and smoker and if one should witness Buggie on a Chocobo, they should pull Buggie over for driving under the influence.