Select a Setup Method

Supernova provides a Setup program to help ease the installation process. If the automated installer doesn't work or if you prefer to do things manually, step by step instructions are located here

If you wish to use the Setup program, please continue below

Steps to take prior to using Supernova Setup

Download and install Final Fantasy XI

We at Supernova will not host or package the Final Fantasy Installation files with the Setup program. You will have to obtain those files through legal means. One such method is by downloading them for free from

Run PlayOnline and let it update.


After updating, it will give you the options below, choose For PlayOnline Members.


On the next screen, choose anything for your member name and any 8 digit number for the PlayOnline ID. Then click register, Yes, and then OK.


Once those steps are done, just exit PlayOnline and continue with Supernova Setup.

Supernova Setup

Download and extract Supernova Setup (do not just run setup from within the zip file, you'll have a bad time)

Follow the steps in the order given


Do not proceed to another step until the one prior is complete.

  • At this point you will need to change the IP address in the settings.xml file found in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Windower4 directory. In order to edit the file, you will need to have Notepad++ installed on your computer and you have to run it as an administrator. After installing Notepad++, right click its shortcut and go to Properties and the Compatibility tab. Check the box that says Run this program as an administrator and click Apply.
  • Next, go to your Windower4 folder and right click the settings document and Open with Notepad++. Underneath <profile name="YOUR_PROFILE_NAME"> you should paste the following code:
<args>--server --user your_username --password your_password</args> <executable>xiloader.exe</executable>
  • Where your_username is your username and your_password is your password. Do not change anything except replacing your_username and your_password with your information.
  • Your file will look something like this (where the gray highlighted section contains what you just copy/pasted):
  • Save the file (yes, overwrite the old file) and close your Notepad++program.
  • Now that your settings.xml has the right IP address, you should be up and running. Some things to check in the event that your game isn't working yet are:
  1. Check to be sure your computer has been rebooted lately so that any partially-finished updates are completed.
  2. Make sure the executable programs (applications) are all running as administrator (pol.exe, xiloader.exe, windower.exe). You can check this by right-clicking the files and going to Properties/Compatibility tab and see if the check box is ticked. Also be sure that you are NOT running in compatibility mode.
  3. Run a file check, by starting POL, selecting Check Files, and choosing Final Fantasy XI from the drop-down on the left. This will take a few minutes.
  4. I always go back and double-check that the settings file was changed correctly. If you did not run Notepad++ as an administrator, it may not save properly. You can try saving it to your desktop and then dragging it into the Windower4 folder, overwriting the file that way.
  5. Take a look at the manual setup instructions and be sure you have all of the correct programs installed. On Windows 10 machines, for example, there is a specific version of  MSVC 2015 Runtimes (x86 version) that is required.
<p data-parsoid="{"dsr":[1566,1791,0,0]}">After step 6, the game should be ready to play. You can use this tool to update the game files down the road when prompted by the Supernova Admins. There will be a notice on the facebook page when this is necessary. At that point, just come back to this setup program and run Step 4 again.

Other stuff to do when starting out

  • If you can't connect to the server, make sure Windower and xiloader are using the correct ip. The new ip is
  • Check out these pages for additional help with installation and setup:
  • Be sure to check out the Rules, and other helpful pages, which can be found on this wiki's home page.
  • Add your name to the Character List, and update your profile to include your player bio. You can include things like where you're from, what you've played as, etc.
  • Request a linkpearl (global chat item) from an Admin, if one isn't already in your inventory. Type "/sea all" into chat and send a message to any member if an admin isn't online. If all else fails, write a post to the Facebook Group to request a linkpearl.
  • Use [this] guide to configure graphics.
  • Remember useful game information links such as FFXIclopedia and FFXI-Atlas.
  • Be sure to check out the Chocobo Circuit in game, it’s been completely reinvented for supernova purposes! Use @choco to teleport your character at any time!
  • When in game, begin by typing @help which will bring you to a room full of NPCs that explain the specifics about our server. When you've talked to all the NPCs you can leave the room by typing @choco or @warp.