Arlen is a 24 year old male originally from Doncaster, England. However he is currently living in Guildford in England, after moving in with some friends. Arlen went to the University of Lancaster and was the General Secretary of the Lancaster University Gaming Society. Arlen's favourite game series were Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, Halo, Fire Emblem, Left4dead, Dark Souls, The Walking Dead / The Wolf Among us and many more. He also loves to read books, especially Dark Fantasy novels.

Arlen played retail FFXI between the years of 2007 to 2011, under the name of Superdan of Shiva server. His first job to max level, and main throughout his FFXI career was Blue Mage, which he played as whenever he could. Arlen spent the first 1.5 years of his FFXI Career in a small Social linkshell, with a close group of friends, without doing any end-game content. However he later moved onto doing Dynamis, and helped run a new sky linkshell with only 12 players and a lot of elbow-grease. One of his favourite things to do in the game was low-manning NMs with his friends, such as Serket, Roc and Simurgh.

Initially it took Arlen, or Superdan as he was then known, 11 months to get his first job to max level. This is because he could never stick to only one job, and had 8 jobs at 50+ before his first 75. In the end, he maxed out these jobs in the following order: BLU, DRG, SAM, PLD, BLM, NIN, BST (

While Arlen has not been on the server too long as of this moment, he is hoping to play some new jobs on this server and experience a lot of the End-game content he missed out on while he was initially playing. He's especially looking forward to Limbus, as he was only just starting out on Limbus when Abyssea came out, and it was cancelled by his linkshell.

Finally, Arlen loves doing level cap fights such as in Chains of Promanthia, and likes to help out new players with quests and missions, so if you need a hand do not hesitate to ask!

Arlen also plays other games, here are some of his ID's.

  • Steam -
  • League of Legends - EUW Summoner Name: Raubahn
  • Final Fantasy XIV (Currently not subscribed) - Arlen Greydawn (Ragnarok Server)
  • XBL Tag - Superdan90