"Tonight the moon is so... beautiful---"

Arcueid is the official Moon Princess of Supernova, she spends a lot of time doing her best to help out those who seek it when she can-- however she is very shy and tries to avoid speaking with others but will never turn away someone in need. Arcueid has only been on the server for a couple of months but that hasn't stopped her from exploring the world of Vana'diel, having currently the most 75 job classes, some remarkable gear and almost all of the current content of the server completed.

Arcueid is a career thief and summoner from retail version of the game, so she knows the ins and outs of the job like the back of her hand. However, that doesn't mean she doesn't know how to play other jobs as she is very much a jack-of-trades and strives to be the very best at anything she sets her mind on.

Arcueid 2014.08.14 050401

Thief Merits:

  • Trick Attack 5/5
  • Triple Attack 5/5
  • Assassin's Charge 4/5
  • Feint 5/5
  • Aura Steal 1/5
  • Dagger Skill 8/8
  • STR, DEX & AGI 5/5
  • Critical Hit Rate 5/5
  • Evasion 4/4

Relics: Mandau, Amanomurakumo, Kikoku, Yoichinoyumi, Maat's Cap


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