So you've decided to play Blue Mage. Congratulations! It is certainly the job that I consider to be the most interesting and fun to play! It is also infamous for requiring the player to run around to the corners of Vana'diel in order to learn spells. There are many guides online for spell hunting, and my favorite is here.

That being said, blue mage is not 100% coded by Darkstar at the time of this article's writing. I would estimate that 90% of blue magic spells are both learnable and working properly. They have been steadily coding its spells over the past year, and the job has come a LONG way since I first joined Supernova (over 1.5 years ago).

The requirements for learning blue magic are slightly different on Supernova as compared to retail due to coding limitations. Rather than relying purely on blue magic skill (which is retail behavior), the ability to learn blue magic on Supernova is decided via player level. A BLU must be at least 6 levels below the spell level that they are trying to learn. For example, Feather Barrier is a level 56 blue magic spell learnable from the Roc mob family. A BLU on Supernova must be at least level 50 to learn the spell. A level 49 BLU is insufficient and it is not possible to learn the spell. While we will not disclose the actual % chance to learn blue magic on Supernova, we will let you know that there is no bonus to learn a spell based on player level. A level 75 blue mage and a level 5 blue mage both have the same chance to learn a level 1 spell.

Below is a google doc where I keep an up-to-date record of blue magic spells that have not yet been confirmed to work / are not yet learnable. If the spell is not listed in the guide, then someone has learned the spell and it is working properly.

Other random things:

- SATA does not stack with physical blue spells, as they should normally.

- Breath attacks are not using HP at all for damage.

- The Qutrub in Arrapago Reef are messed up and will probably crash you at some point. Stick to the higher level ones for Spinal Cleave.

Cheers and have fun on BLU!

- Anki

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