Alyss Taru


Alyss is a shy Taru. She was one

of the first four to join Supernova and is the first WHM. She is engaged to Novah and is his WHM inside and outside of Supernova. She is a huge fan of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and a fan of Tonberry. Alyss thinks Tonberries are super cute, and believe they should not be harmed. *Doink*

Alyss have never played FFXI before or anything like it, she quickly learned and fell in love with WHM. With the help of Novah, Bope, and Amadas, Alyss reached lvl 75, making her Supernova’s first lvl 75 WHM. After she accomplished that she worked a little on SCH, BRD, RDM, BLM and SMN, but she prefers WHM as her main.  

Alyss have participated in many missions healing her party and running far away from monsters when the party tells her too … sometimes running a bit too far, but she gets the job done. Recently she spends most of her time not on missions, but traveling around Vana'diel taking screenshots for ‘Alyss FF Comic’ and leveling up cooking and other crafts. When she just chilling in Supernova, Alyss spends most of her time safely with Tonberries or at the Chocobo Circuit or with her BLM, Novah.

Main Job
Alyss 2013.07.27 144634

Alyss as a Tonberry King. Chilling.

White Mage: 75

Sub Jobs

Scholar: 37

Summoner: 38

Bard: 10

Black Mage: 10

Red Mage: 8