Using this command and/or @warp twice within an hour will result in a weakened state.

Implemented 11/23/14 by Novah.

Teleports the player to the best exp camp per Novah. No Fields of Valor/Grounds of Valor "page" camps, although a book may be nearby at some. Requires a traditional 6-person party, with tank, healer, and 4 composite DDs. Signet recommended. Chaining mobs produces the best results. Starts at level 10, and ends at 60.

Hang out at the Chocobo Circuit with your flag up, or start a party of your own to join the fun!

Format (# = level of the lowest member of your party): @expcamp #

If you'd like a convenient way to display these expcamps in game:

1.) Download expcamp.txt:

2.) Place this text file into your "\Windower4\scripts\" folder.

3.) Launch it in game by typing "//exec expcamp.txt"

Alternatively, you can edit your "Windower4\scripts\init.txt" to include the line: bind @f1 exec expcamp.txt Then, after you re-load ffxi through windower, you'll be able to press windows key + f1 to auto echo exp camps!